Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nokia 5800 Power Switch JumperSolution


Nokia 5800 Power Switch Problem
Repairing Solutions are available in
the following article. Also you will
find Nokia 5800 Power Button
Track Ways and Jumpers
information in the diagrams further
in this post.
If your Nokia 5800 Power Button
Ways or Power Switch also known
as On/Off Switch is damaged
somehow by whether mishandling
or any other reason you can always
replace it with a new one. But if
the Power Button prints meaning
Connection points on which the the
Power Button is soldered to
the Nokia 5800 Power Switch
Ways on motherboard are broken,
Diagrams in this article can help
Please Note that we will edit these
solutions or add new ones if found
in this page at any time in the
future. So feel free to come back
any time on this page to stay up to
If you have further Questions
please don’t hesitate to leave a

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