Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nokia C5-03, C5-06 Touch Screen Jumper Solution


This solution is for Nokia C5-03,
C5-06 Touch Screen Problem and
Touch Screen Connector Ways
Jumpers. This solution works for
both of these phones.
Nokia C5-03, C5-06 Touch Screen
Connector mostly malfunctions
because of moisture or carbon, so
before doing any hardware solution
you should clean it and see if the
problem is solved. I have marked
all Nokia Asha 306 Touch Screen
Connector Ways jumper points in
the following diagram. If you are
certain that connector is in good
shape then change the marked IC
to solve this problem.
Please Note that we will edit these
solutions or add new ones if found
in this page at any time in the
future. So feel free to come back
any time on this page to stay up to
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please don’t hesitate to leave a

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