Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nokia X2 Keypad Ways Jumper Solution


Nokia X2 Keypad Ways Jumper
If any, all or a few keys not
working in nokia x2 then this post
will help you to solve all keypad
not working problems easily and in
a quick way. Simply look at
diagram bellow and check all the
track and links as shown in it.

Once you check with meter if any
of them is broken make these
jumpers and your problem will
solve easily. All same color keys
outer and inner are to define same
link ways. If a single key is not
working we can apply jumper form
other key that have same color for
outer or inner.
Some key are going to resistance
and capacitors in diagram so we
have to apply jumpers on those
places and parts. In diagram above
a few small diagrams have red
border and these are zoom images
of the board so that you can see
parts vary clearly.
So zoom diagram are only to show
close up of board. The diagram
above also contain on off button
ways in it.
If you have further Questions
please leave a comment

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