Monday, July 21, 2014

Lg T375 White Blank Display Problem Repair Solution


Lg T375 white display solution
How To Fix Lg T375 White Blank Display Problem
Lg T375 Display Lcd,Track, Ways, Jumper
Lg T375 LCD display problem solution (display jumper ways)

Here's a solution to solved Lg T375 Display
problems such as White Screen, Blue scree, blank
screen, black screen and any related display
This solution shows the display line tracks
connection from a certain components to the LCD
pin connector.

The display data signals is feed from the
application processor then each line is filtered by
resistor before it gets through to the LCD module.
Please note that although every diagram and
solution posted on our website has been tested
by one or more members of our team before
posting,so we will not be responsible for any loss
or damage, including personal injury.Use this
repair solutions at your own risk.


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