Monday, July 21, 2014

Nokia Asha 205 mmc Memory Card Not Working Solution


Nokia 205 Memory Card Ways Jumper
Nokia Asha 205 mmc Not Working
Asha 205 mmc Connecter Ways, Jumper, Track
Nokia Asha 205 memory card not detected solution

Here's a solution that may help fix and repair
Nokia Asha 205 MMC microSD memory card not
detected problem. This following solution shows
the memory card circuit on Nokia 205 which is
very useful for quick and easy check up
procedures on certain components that holds the
MMC circuit.

In troubleshooting MMc problem on Nokia Asha
205, you may first check the memory card slot
and ensure that all the pins is cleaned and not
misaligned. Check the voltages on the MMC
detector switch and the MMC supply voltage and
the ground pin.


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