Sunday, July 20, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Mic Problem Solution Microphone Ways


Samsung S4 Gt-I9500 Mic Ways,Jumper, Track, Mic Solution
Samsung Galaxy S4 Microphone Problem Ways, Mic Not Working

This is another simple solution for Samsung S4
I9500 Microphone mouthpiece not working
problem. The Samsung S4 I9500 used a 5 pins
digital microphone in the printed circuit board
A you can easily find a replacement on it
on another latest Nokia mobile phones that uses
also the same 5 pins microphone.
Just refer to the solution below if the said
microphone on the device doesn't work.
The solution above shows the conenction line
paths of the MIC supply voltage, MICdata, MIC
audio clock and ground pins, for easy tracing and
check up procedure. You may start tracing each
connection line paths, check all of the 100 ohms
resistors, replace the digital microphone


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