Sunday, July 20, 2014

Samsung Note 3 SM-N900 Mic Solution


samsung note 3 sm-n900 mic solution
samsung note 3 sm-n900 ways jumper
samsung note 3 sm-n900 mic problem repair solution

In samsung note 3 n900 mic problem mic not
working problem, low voice can be solve in a few
easy steps that are posted in this post. So read
it carefully and see diagram bellow to solve mic
problem in samsung note 3 n900.
I have marked samsung n900 Mic Ways and
Jumper points in this diagram but before you
make these jumpers make sure that a faulty
microphone is not causing this problem. Test it
with an electronics meter or simply replace it
with a new one.
Samsung Sm-N900 Note-3 Mic Ways
Rehot Or Replace U704. If Still Not Working Try 
His Mic Working Voltage Jumper
See The Image Below:
Note: Please note that even though every
solution posted on out website is tested by one
or more members of our team before posting,
but still we do not take any responsibility for any
damage it may cause to your cell phones. Use
these repairing solutions at your own risk. Thank

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