Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nokia 206 Mmc Solution For Memory Card Not Detected Problem


Nokia 206 Memory Card Ways
Nokia Asha 206 Mmc Solution
Nokia 206 Mmc Jumper Solution Repair Ways

Here's solution for Nokia Asha 206 with a
memory card not detected problem. This may
happens or occurred if the device suffered wet or
water damaged and the device will not recognize
or detect any working microSD memory card
being inserted to it.

If trying to fix this problem, you may need to
clean the microSD slot first and the whole PCB
board for possible oxidation build ups, by using a
cleaning liquid and see to it the pins were not
damaged and misaligned.
Nokia 206 microSD memory card not detected
Check and trace the microSD supply voltage and
ground pins. Check and trace the memory card
detection switch.

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