Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nokia 208 Mic Problem Solution With Ways And Jumper


Nokia 208 Mic Solution
Nokia 208 Microphone ways jumper
Nokia 208 Mic Not Working Problem Repair Ways Track Path Repair Solution

Here's the solution for Nokia 208 edition when
trying to fix a microphone problem issues. It's a
failure on the hardware which there is no audio
sound can be heard over the receiver's earpiece

This solution simply shows the location of the
components where you may to have a check or
replace if found damaged. In Nokia 208, the cell
phone microphone is installed or mounted on the
bottom side of the PCB board, and also all of its
corresponding circuit components such as the
filter coils or surface mount inductors, chip
resistors and chip capacitor were also mounted
near to it.
Nokia 208 Mouthpiece microphone circuit
components and test spots

This also includes the circuit connection line
paths (mic ways) for easy tracing procedures.
The two lines paths corresponds to the polarity
of the audio signals, the red line is for the
positive, the black line is for negative correspond
as the positive voltage bias of the microphone. If
this voltage bias when cut or damaged it will
also result to a poor audio signal level or no
microphone audio signal.

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