Monday, August 25, 2014

Nokia Asha 210 Charging Problem Full Soluton


Nokia Asha 210 Charging Ways Jumper
Nokia 210 Charging Ic Solution
Nokia Asha 210 Charge Pin Ways Tracks

This Is Nokia Asha 210 solution for charger no
response, a not charging problem on the phone.
This will happen if the device suffered wet or
water damaged.

Note: Charger no response or shows no battery
charging icon is also cause by a weak and fully
drained battery and or a damaged battery
charger. This solution will only work if the device
can fully turns On but it doesn't charge up when
the battery charger is plug-in.

The solution below may help on how to fix such
charging problem if occurred.The highlighted
components holds for cahrging operation of the
device if one of these components become
damaged or faulty it will result to a not charging

Nokia Asha 210 Not Charging problem solution
Nokia 210 Charging Jumper Solution
Hints to fix Nokia Asha 210 not charging problem:

1. Check the charging pin connector, clean it,
including the terminal pads on the PCB board.
Replace the charging pin connector if already
2. Check also the battery terminal connectors,
clean it if necessary.
3. Get your multimeter then check the fuse, coil,
doide and capacitors for possible shorted and
open circuit. Replace if found damaged.
3. Trace and check the Charge IN voltage line
paths from the pin connector

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