Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nokia E5-00 DIsplay Lcd Light Problem Ways Solution


Nokia E5-00 Display Light Ways Jumpers
Nokia E5-00 Display Light Solution With Ways Jumper
Nokia E5-00 Lcd Light Not Working Solution

This solution below shows the Nokia E5-00
display backlight components that holds and
control for the LCD screen display backlight to
glow. If one of these components may become
faulty due to wet or water damaged it will result
to LCD's back light failure.

Solution for Nokia E5-00 Not working LCD
display backlight LED
You may need to trace the connection line
tracks, supply voltages and check some of the
backlight LED driver components shown on the
solution above. You may start to check the
highlighted components for it is more prone to
be easily damaged when a short circuit occurred.
Check and replace if already found damaged.

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