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Samsung GT-I9070 Auto Charging ProblemSolutio


Samsung GT-I9070 Charging Problem Solutions
Samsung GT-I9070 Charging Problem Ways Solution
Samsung GT-I9070 Charging Solution
Samsung I9070 Charge IC

This article is about Samsung Galaxy S Advance
GT-I9070 Auto Charging Problem Repair

Samsung GT-I9070 Charging Problem can be
caused due to moisture or rusted charging
connector. So first replace the charging
connector and clean the general area around
charging connector points on the motherboard.

 I have also marked charging connector ways in
the diagram below. Replace the fuse I have
marked if you can if not just remove and short it.
1. Flexi Check Charging Connector And Check Its
2. Change Charging Connector Flex
3. Rehot Or Replace U405
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