Monday, August 11, 2014

Samsung GT-I9250 Repair Sim Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung GT-I9250 Sim Pin Connecter Ways Jumper
Samsung I9250 Repair Sim Problem Track, Path, Solution

Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 solution for
Insert Sim card or sim card not detected

If the phone unable to recognize any inserted
working sim card to this solution below may help
on fixing the problem.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Insert Sim Problrm

The solution below shows a detailed info about
the Samsung I9250 sim card circuit. The image
will help you determine of which particular parts
or components needs to be cleaned, trace, check
and or replace.

Hardware Solution:
If you may try to fix such sim card problem , you
may need to first clean the SIM card pin
connector for possible oxidation build up.
Check and trace the Sim card pins that holds for
Sim supply voltage and ground lines.

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