Monday, August 11, 2014

Samsung GT-S5570I Power Key Ways On Off Key Jumper


Samsung GT-S5570I Power Button Jumper
Samsung GT-S5570I Set Dead Not Powering On Problem Solution
Samsung GT-S5570I On Off Key Button Ways

This solution shows the exact location where to
apply a jumper wire as an alternative way to
repair a damage ON and OFF power switch key
line paths on Samsung GT-S5570I.

        This solution will help to fix the phone that
unable to power up because of a damaged and cut
power way.

Samsung GT-S5570I ON/OFF power switch
alternative jumper solution guide
The jumper spot is located near the flash cable
pin out of Samsung GT-S5570Ir PCB board. You
can apply a tiny jumper wire on that location
through to the bottom terminal of the ON/OFF
power switch key.

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