Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samsung GT-S6310 ,S6312 Charging Usb WaysSolution


Samsung GT-S6310 ,S6312 Charging Solution
Samsung GT-S6310 ,S6312 Charging Connecter Jumper
Samsung S6310 ,S6312 Charge Ways Pin

Here's the solution for Samsung GT-
S6310 ,S6312 that doesn't charge through wall
charger when inserted or plug-in. Refer to the
solution below and get some tips on our repair
tips and procedures.

Hardware Solution:
Hints on How to fix the Samsung GT-
S6310 ,S6312 not charging via wall charger:
1. If the phone doesn't charger, try to use
another wall charger.
2. Check the battery or try to replace it.
3. Clean the battery connector or terminal.
4. Check the DC jack charging pin connector.
Replace if damaged.
5. Clean the DC jack PCB contact pads.
6. Check the fuse and the diode for possible open
and short circuit.
7. Trace the Charge In voltage and ground line
8. Rework/replace the Charging switch controller

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