Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samsung Gt-S7500 Micro Sd Mmc Jumper Ways Solution


Samsung S7500 MMC Memory Card Not Detected Solution
Samsung S7500 Mmc Connecter Pin Ways
Samsung Gt-S7500 Memory Card Not Working Problem Jumper Solution

The solution is for Samsung GT-S7500 with
microSD memory card problem such as memory
card not detected problem. This solution
provides some hints on how to fix this problem.

If the device handset unable to detect any Mmc
card being inserted in it, you may first check the
memory card slot for possible damaged. Clean it
if necessary.
If the slot seems okay, refer to the solution
below, and check some components and
connection line paths.

Insert Memory Card, Memory Card Error, Memory
Card Not Formatted

You may first check and trace the memory card
supply voltage and ground pins connection, Then
the memory detect switch, you can read voltage
on this spots when the microSD card is not
inserted. The memory card detection switch is
connected directly to the CPU chip.

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