Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samsung S3850 Sim Card Connecter Pin WaysSolution


Samsung GT-S3850 Insert SIM card Problem Solution
Samsung S3850 Sim Card Jumper Ways
Samsung GT-S3850 Insert Sim Solution
Samsung GT-S3850 Sim Card Connetcer Pin Ways Tracks Repair

Solution for Samsung GT-S3850 Insert Sim Card
error problems, if the phone unable to detect or
read the Sim card inserted to it. This solution
may help us on how to analyze and troubleshoot
if such sim card error problem occurs.

The solution below shows the connection line
paths of the Samsung S3850 SIM card connector
and which components needs to be check first.

If the phone doesn't detect any working sim card
inserted to it, try to clean the sim card pin
connector first.

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