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Samsung Gt-S5610 Usb Charging Solution Ways


Samsung S5610 Usb Connecter Ways
Samsung GT-S5610 Charging Problem Jumper

Here's the solution for Samsung Gt-S5610 Not
Charging problem , this simple solution provides
the basic details on how to fix the problem. Just
refer to the solution below and follow some steps
procedures on how to troubleshoot the problem.

This solution may works on 'charger no response
indication' when any working battery charger is
plug-in to the DC jack.

Samsung Gt-S5610 Not Charging problem

Repair hints for Samsung S5610 Not Charging problem:

1. Visually check the charging pin connector( DC
jack) for possible damaged, clean,fix if the
terminals is misaligned or replace it.
2. Clean the charging pin terminal contact pads.
3. Check the battery and try using another
working phone's battery.
4. Check the battery terminals, clean if oxidized.
5. Check/replace the fuse
6. Check /replace the chip diode.
If you have further Questions please don’t
hesitate to leave a comment.

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responsible if these solutions may cause any
harm to your phone.

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