Sunday, July 20, 2014

Samsung Gt-S7562 Display Problems Jumper Solution


Samsung Galaxy S Duos Gt-S7562 Display Solution
Samsung S7562 Lcd Display Track,Ways,Jumper
Samsung Gt-S7562 Blank Blue Display Problem

Here's a solution that can be used to fix and
repair Samsung Gt-S7562 Display problem issues
like white screen, blue screen, blank screen,
garbled and saturated screen displays.

 This solution may help if having a LCD display
problems and already tried to upgrade or restore
the device firmware and replaced it with a new
LCD module replacements but the problem still
after dis assembling Mobile phone check whole
board for rust carbon or water damages.clean
lcd jack and mother board then apply hot air to
dry it for a few mints.change lcd with new one if
display is ok then fine else heck lcd jack prints
value or remove it and replace with new.
else try all paths tracks and components and
parts that are given in diagram above if any path
is missing aplly jumpers and if parts are
damaged change them.


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