Thursday, August 21, 2014

Micromax X101 Full Keypad Track Jumper Solution


Micromax X101 Keypad Not Working Solution
Micromax X101 Full Keypad Track Ways Jumper Repair Solution
Micromax X101 keypad keys, camera and volume control button switches solution

Here's a full solution of Micromax X101 keypad
problem and failure. This solution shows the
complete line tracks for easy tracing particular
keys that stop responding including the camera
and volume control switches button.

The solution above shows how each certain keys
are being connected to the keypad filter IC. There
are three keys commonly connected together in
one line of connection, therefore if only one or
two key is not working, you may consider that
the problem lies only on an open path of
connection. If there are three and above keys
does not work you may considered that the
keypad ESD filter is damaged or faulty.


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