Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nokia Asha 501 Touchscreen Connecter Jumper Solution


Nokia 501 Touch Solution
Nokia Asha 501 Touchscreen Not Working
Nokia Asha 501 Touch Connecter Socket Path Ways Jumper

Nokia 501 touch not responding at all!
Slow response of touch screen.
Reasons of Problems
Touch screen has encountered any kind of water
damage or moisture.

Phone’s touch screen is damaged due to any
physical collision.
Touch Screen IC might be faulty.
Loose connection of touch screen connector with
Screen might be broken which also affected
touch screen.
Dry soldering of touch screen on-board
Connector strip might be damaged.
You can try going with restarting your phone and
Factory reset your phone, but make sure that you
take the data backup of your entire phone.
The very first thing that you need to do is to
unplug, clean and reconnect touch screen
connector strip and check, in most cases this has
found to be a good and effective solution of this
Hardware Solution
Make sure that you check touch of your phone
after performing every step, and also make sure
that you turn the screen of before disconnecting
display screen.


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