Friday, August 8, 2014

Samsung GT-E2652 Ringer Spaker Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung GT-E2652 Speaker Ways Jumper
Samsung E2652 Ringer Not Working Problem

Ways Solution Repair
No sound in speaker.
Low Sound in Speaker.
Distorted sound in speaker.
Reasons of Problems
Dust can be the one of the biggest reasons for
no, low and distorted sound.

It can also happen due to water damage or
excessive encounter of moisture which in turn
damage the speaker of phone.
No continuity between speaker’s contacts /
terminals and coils.
Could be the problem with any of the capacitors
and coils that comes under the banner of
speaker’s circuits.

Hardware Procedure
Remove speaker and clean its contacts /
terminals and check.
If none of the above mentioned steps work then
you need to change the speaker, as there is no
other solution than that.
Gently Heat Audio IC and check, if faulty replace.

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