Friday, August 8, 2014

Samsung Gt-N7000 Note Sim Card Ways Jumper Solution


Samsung Gt-N7000 Sim Connecter Ways Jumper Track Solution
Samsung Gt-N7000 Note Sim Not accepting
Samsung Gt-N7000 Insert SIM card Solution

The solution below shows the Samsung Galaxy
Not GT-N7000 sim pin connector connection line
paths through to a particular components that
holds the SIM card to work.

 Just refer to the
solution to trace each corresponding pin
connection for a quick and easy troubleshooting
or repair.
samsung gt-n7000 note sim ways
her ideal and also a picture of your sim socket is
damaged (or lost it)
try to lift his sim card reader to work more easily
whether point lead on the mainboard is still
pin 5 straight NFC ic u209 (see its schematic
See second image below:


Problem Repairing Jumper Fix Problem Solution
You may first check the SIM supply voltage
(USIM) pin and ground pins, then the SIM Clock

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