Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samsung GT-I9070 Ringer Speaker Repair Ways


Samsung GT-I9070 Ringer Ways
Samsung I9070 Speaker Not Working Problem Jumper
Samsung GT-I9070 Ringer Connecter Pin Jumper Solution
Samsung GT-I9070 Speaker Ic Ways
Samsung GT-I9070 Speaker problem solution

If having tried to fix Samsung Galaxy S Advance
GT-I9070 Ringer Speaker Problem that No Audio
sound output can be heard and you already
check speaker is okay and also already tried
replacing the Flex cable wire but he problem
unsolved. This solution might possibly help to
solved the problem.

If the earpiece speaker and flex cable wire is
working okay, those particular components
highlighted on the solution might causes the
problem if the device is severely damaged by any
means of liquid or water damaged.

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