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Samsung S7500 Charging Solution Ways UsbJumper


Samsung S7500 Charging Jumper Ways
Samsung GT-S7500 Usb Not Working Problem Solution
Samsung S7500 Charging Ic Solution Track Path Repair
Samsung GT-S7500 Charging Pin Connecter Ways

Here's the solution to repair Samsung GT-S7500
Charging Usb Connecter problem issues when
being damaged or occurred like, Not charging,
unable to charge up the cell phone battery or it
does not show the charging indication

This repair solution shows the location of each
particular components that possibly might
damaged if the said charging problem occurred.
Samsung S7500 charging circuit components
location layout

Check up and repair tips:
1. check, clean or replace the charging pin
connector and also see to it that the charging
pin contact pads is al free from dirt and
2. check the continuity of the fuse by using a
multimeter, if found busted replacing it is highly
check the diode if it is shorted, a shorted diode
may cause the fuse to blown again, replace it
also and don't just remove it and leave it hang
in there. In this method you can save the phone
in the future when an excessive charger voltage
may cause the trouble again.
3. All other components needs also to check,
replace as necessary if the above solution does
not solve the problem. just follow the instruction
on the repair guide picture above according to it
marked numbers.

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