Friday, August 22, 2014

Samsung GT-S5570 Battery Connector Pin Ways


Samsung GT-S5570 Dead Solution
Samsung GT-S5570 Battery Track Ways
Samsung S5570 Battery Connector Jumper
Samsung S5570 Terminal Jumper Ways

If Nokia Samsung GT-S5570 is not getting
power ON, Replace the battery and try to power
it ON. Plug in charging pin into jack and try to
make it charge.
Check batter terminal’s +v and -
V points with electronics meter.
Hardware Jumper:

Dis assemble the phone Samsung GT-
S5570  and check battery connectors if these are
lose or not fix. Then check the whole mother
board for water and rust damages, Carbon or
broken parts.
If find some rust or carbon make it clean with
electronics cleaner and apply hot air with heat
gun to make it dry.


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